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Top Five Must See Films with Denzel Washington

5) Flight

Everyone would love to be a pilot. Imagine a pissed up one on drugs who manages to save the majority of lives despite his narcotic state during what is perhaps one the best, and perhaps terrifying scenes seen in the air.

4) Malcolm X

Perhaps the most famous of his roles, Denzil plays the main man and depicts the life of Malcolm Little, a small time Crim who makes his way up in the World fighting against “white America”. For those who haven’t seen it, Malcolm eventually bores everyone and gets assasinated.

3) Man on Fire

Take a bodyguard, give him a drink, shoot him and it’s likely he’ll come back in a bad mood. Moreso when you add the fact that the person he was supposed to be protecting has been taken. A few decent twists along the way and Washington’s character looking to kill as many as he can in as many different ways as possible and you have a decent revenge movie.

2) The Hurricane

If you’re not into your boxing then this won’t be for you but it’s worth the watch just for his performance. If you’re thinking of dumping a girlfriend, invite her around to watch this one, you’ll not have to say much to split up.

1) Training Day

Top soundtrack and a top film. The sort that does not come along very often. This one got him an Oscar and rightly so. There is still talk about a prequel to Training Day featuring that ill fated day in Vegas. Just for your information, the film does not include any training, although the majority of the film is during the day.

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