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Three Fictional Characters You Don’t Want In Your Bar

James Bond

It still amazes me that anyone who sees the special agent turn up in a tuxedo as he’s there for the “opening ceremony” or something similar that they let him. You know who he is, the bad guys know who he is, but yet they let him in. The result is a busted joint, fire, explosions, a few dead people and it’ likely he’ll leave through a window taking your wife of five years with him.


Most wouldn’t be too fussed if Superman entered your bar for a drink or two, maybe a game of snooker or even to put a few coins in the fruit machine. If he’s upset though he will have a tendancy to buy peanuts and simply flick them at all your booze, insurance will be required and don’t let him have any peanuts or similar flickable bar based snacks.


He’s okay as Dr Banner but if you spill his pint, grab his balls from behind in a friendly manner, or simply just accidentally nudge him out of the way to get to the toilet then you can expect your bar to be pretty much smashed up. Will insurance cover your losses, maybe, but there will certainly be an investigation as to who pissed him off in the first place.

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