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Interesting Anagrams of Miley Cyrus

Well we tried with Miley Cyrus but found nothing of interest so a quick search on Wikipedia informed us her real name was Destiny Hope Cyrus but she was given the nickname Smiley as she smiled a lot, then they just took the “S” off, with us so far? Anyway, here are some of the more interesting anagrams of her real name.

5) Presidency Youths – yeah, boring we know, but as it had the word presidency in it we thought we’d leave it in.


4) Countrysides Hype – still boring but having been brought up in the countryside there is a coincidence attached, little early to call in the conspiracy theorists though.


3) Scythed Sniper You – getting there and it gives you the wonderful thought of seeing the “celebrity” in a snipers scope.


2) Retched Noisy Yups – not sure what a yups is and cannot be bothered to look it up. Retched and Noisy matches up well though.


1) Enriched Toy Pussy – yep, that’s the one we were looking for.



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