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How to save a small fortune each week

The recession has hit most hard, some even say it’s a double dip or treble dip recession. Here are some extreme tips for saving that cash.

4. Starve

We all say “Oh I’m starving” but we’re not really, in fact we can go without food for some time. A Swedish guy called Peter Skyllberg survived for two months just eating snow whilst trapped in a car, had Ace of Base been stuck on the radio, scientists believe he would not have lasted more than a few hours. Anyway, most can go five days without food before they start feeling odd, at say £20 per day, that’s £100 saved.

3. Just Walk

We’ve been doing since Adam got his knob out. Walking everywhere will save a lot of money each month if you’re not driving. The old excuse is that it will take hours to get there, well you’ll just have to wake up earlier. Not only will this save you cash but if your a bit of a chubber, you’ll find you’ll lose weight without taking tablets.

2. Urinate Outside

We’ve all done it, most as a child. It’s not that bad and if you think of the money you will save from not flushing the toilet every hour, or, in the case of a Saturday night, every twenty minutes, you’ll soon start to see the penny’s buid up.

1. Don’t wipe

You’ll quickly become the laughing stock of the street and the school may pay a visit to find out what’s going on, but by simply not wiping your arse everyday will save a good £20 a month, particularly if you are one with 2.4 children. Yes, it will smell, probably itch and be uncomfortable for guests coming around but these are desperate times. The next time you’re about to wipe your butt, just think how much you could be saving.

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