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7 People who died while playing sports

7.Chuck Hughes – American Football

Chuck Hughes

Charles “Chuck” Hughes was an American football player, in the National Football League from 1967 until 1971.

In October of the 1971 season, the Lions played host to the Chicago Bears at Tiger Stadium.

It was late in the game, with Detroit trailing 28 to 23 Huges came on as a injury replacement, shortly after he caught a pass from quarterback Greg Landry.

Three plays later Landry went on to throw a pass that Charlie Saanders dropped near the end zone, As a decoy Huges began running back to the huddle with only 1:02 showing left on the clock

Suddenly, he dropped to the ground clutching his chest around the 20-yard lin
Hughes collapsed near Bears linebacker Dick Butkus, who saw him begin to convulse violently on the field.

Realizing what was going on, Butkus motioned to the sideline frantically to get Hughes assistance.

Needless to say all the valiant attempts sadly failed to save Hudges life.

Hudges was just 28 when he died.

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