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5 Quality Underwater Films

Everyone loves a good underwater film. There’s just something about the deep oceans around us that adds that bit of mystery as well as danger.

Here are our top five, which, if you haven’t already seen, are worth watching.

5) The Abyss 1989

Perhaps the most famous underwater movie of all time. It has the suspense, great effects, deaths, aliens, more deaths and a bit of Ed Harris.

Perhaps the greatest part of this film is the message within it which we won’t spoil but needless to say, it’s something that even 20 years on still hits home. Has anyone taken heed of the message, not really if at all.

4) Below 2002

World War 2 films are usually hit and miss. You either like them or you don’t, but chuck a story into the depths of the Atlantic, add a submarine and few spine chingly moments and you have a film that will make you think.

A bit of a Who Done It with added suspense, deep water, the odd German and a great, if perhaps predictable twist, Below is well worth the watch.

3) Deep Star Six 1989

Going back to the 80’s we have to remember that certain monsters never really looked the part. Little change here but the suspense is gripping, particularly at the beginning when a planned explosion brings with it unexplored territory and a flesh gnashing crab type thing.

Lots of characters in this makes for a good amount of grizzly deaths, especially as there is always one who thinks they can head to the top of the ocean in double quick time without their ears popping.

2) Sphere 1998

A decent cast and a decent story line, the first twenty minutes has all the suspense you’ll ever want. Who doesn’t like introductions whereby some Colonel says “We’ve found something underwater and it looks like a spaceship”. Whilst there may be the odd spooky moment and it’s more of a puzzle in how we try and understand what’s going on.

It soon becomes clear that this intergalactic football under the ocean is a gift to the human race, but being what we are, we simply piss it up over the wall. In this case, probably the best idea.

1) Leviathan 1989

Truly suspensefull and with Peter “Robocop” Weller involved you’re bound to get involved. There is somewhat of a comical element to the story and starts with a group of deep sea miners finding a missing ship that apparently isn’t missing. Cue the strange happenings after a few vodkas and it’s bit like The Thing mixed in with the Abyss. Some great effects though considering its age but Leviathan is perhaps one film that could really do with a 21st Century remake.


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