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5 of the most viewed Friends episodes

Friends has always been a very popular funny American TV series , making us all want a friend group like that whilst living in New York. Thanks to the good news that the cast will be rejoining we thought we would find out the five most viewed episodes.

1.”The One After the Superbowl”


Season 2 Episodes 12 & 13
viewed by 52.9 million

The episodes, which featured cameos by Jean Claude Van Damme, Julia Roberts, Brooke Shields (as a deranged fan of Joey), Dan Castellaneta (as a zoo employee), Marta Kauffman and Kevin Bright was a true TV event, taking in sprawling story lines for all of the characters.

It might not be as immediately memorable as The Last One, but it deserves a high-billing on any best of Friends list, especially thanks to Van Damme’s self-aware parody and Julia Roberts long-gestated vengeance on Chandler for the Susie Underpants incident.

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